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I thought I would blog about my other passion- Gardening! I hope to spread some color and cheer your way. You may have found your way here from my other blog paintedpaper, Sit back, relax and enjoy!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Spring in the garden....

Well, after a long and snowy winter the garden has been coming alive. My latest find has been these Mosaic Geraniums. I just love their spotted petals.

Looking out my kitchen window...
The seeds are sprouting and the ice tea is brewed. More photos to come!!!


  1. Lovely plantings! That's a beautiful container by your lounge chair. I've been enjoying the poppies too, but mine are orange and the petals dropped today because of the rain last night.

  2. That garden of yours is just a good sight to see so with your lovely wooden shed and i can sit in that lounge chair just outside you shed for a day just looking at your garden.